Here a list of Frequently Answered Question about your Virtual Experience


GR8 Connect is a series of live virtual experiences in collaboration with some of the world’s greatest athletes, musicians, performing artists, chefs, wellness specialists and entertainment personalities. 

You will have the unique opportunity to engage, learn, exchange and interact with your heroes; and even meet them in person when these times will be over.

GR8 has 3 goals:

  1. To inspire, entertain and uplift our clients through unique
    and meaningful virtual experiences
  2. To bring the energy and warmth of the GR8 brand into our
    clients’ homes as an antidote to anxiety, loneliness, boredom,
    cabin fever and frustration
  3. To raise much-needed funds to fight against a pandemic that
    is affecting the entire globe

GR8 always endeavors to deliver an outstanding and personalized service to our discerning international clients. With virtual experiences becoming the new frontier for business and leisure, GR8Connect will offer clients meaningful interactions with the same level of care and attention to detail that is the hallmark of truly once in a lifetime GR8 experiences.


  • Upon booking the virtual experience, the Client will receive an email confirmation and a member of the GR8 Client Service team will invite the Client for a debrief, via phone or webcam.
  • Once the Talent has confirmed the time and date, GR8 will send the Client an email with time, date, and details of the experience purchased.
  • GR8 will guide the Client through the tech aspects of the Zoom platform and explain that a member of GR8, along with our IT support will accompany the Client and the Talent during the virtual experience.
  • GR8’s aim is to ensure that every minute of the one hour encounter is memorable and entertaining. During the debrief, GR8 will ascertain the goals of the Client and their motivation for booking this experience. Additionally, GR8 will guide the Client through the suggested agenda for the experience that has been crafted by the Talent and GR8. As each passion is fully customized, the agenda will vary depending on the Talent, activity, and number of guests accompanying the main Client.
  • Once GR8 has established what the Client would like to achieve and experience during the 60-minute virtual meeting, GR8 will present the suggested order of events and activities for the purchased experience, including introductions, ice breakers, any items required (such as ingredients, sports equipment, etc. depending on the program) and suggested questions for the Q&A segment of the experience.
  • After the debrief, the Client will receive from GR8 a calendar invite and email confirmation with the Zoom link, along with the agreed agenda points.
  • On the day of the virtual experience, the Client will receive an email reminder. Please note that GR8 will provide a unique link, permitting only the Client and their guests to access the meeting.
  • GR8, The Talent, and the IT team will meet on Zoom before the official start time to verify all IT aspects and review the flow of the 60 minutes. We do not anticipate any issues, but should the Client or The Talent encounter IT difficulties, our IT support will be on hand to quickly fix the glitch.
  • The 60 minutes will begin when the Client and Talent are both logged on. This is achieved by clicking on the Zoom URL provided. GR8 suggests accessing the meeting 10 minutes before the time provided. By accessing Zoom from a computer, no sign up is required.
  • Please rest assured there will be no “hard stop” and the Talent all want to make sure the end of the virtual experience finishes on a high note with a satisfied client!
  • During the experience, GR8 will discretely guide the Talent and the Client through the agenda to ensure a fun and flowing interaction. This will also ensure that all elements of GR8 Connect that the Client wished to experience are covered during the allocated time frame.
  • GR8 will be recording the experience and a copy can be sent to the Client if they wish after the event.
  • After the experience, GR8 will send the Client a personalized thank you email with a note from the Talent. Should the Client wish, GR8 also be delighted to arrange a post-experience debrief.


Tax deductibility depends on each country and state’s laws. In the United States, any amount paid to a charity that is above the fair market value of the goods or services received is considered tax-deductible. GR8 will provide the estimated fair market value of an item or experience on your email receipt. We are not qualified to provide tax advice. Please contact a tax professional for advice concerning the tax-deductibility of your donation or payment.

GR8 is a for-profit LLC entity. However we always make an effort to making charity an import pillar of our vision.

A minimum of 30% of the proceeds for each GR8 Connect is devolved to charity. This depends on a series of factor such talent involved with each experience and price. Should you be interested in learning more about a specific experience we would be happy to share that information with you. You can contact us here.

Each charity is chosen by the talent hosting the experience and you can find more information about each charity GR8 is involved here

Once an experience has been purchased you will receive an email with:

  • Details of you experience (Date and Time)
  • Username and Password that you will need on the day of the experience 

Each experience will start at the time communicated to you. Since the experiences we offer are filmed live, you will still be able to attend the experience from the time you log in. 


We are currently offering two levels of engagement with our talents: Gold and Platinum.

GR8 Connect Gold is hosted by our elite line up of international talent, these 60 minute live sessions will offer a fascinating insight into the personal homes, creative minds and careers of the world’s greatest athletes, chefs, musicians, wellness specialists and entertainment personalities. 

Each experience has a different price. You can find our GR8 Connect Gold experiences and their prices here 

GR8 Connect Platinum is a 60 minutes experience all to yourself with your favorite talent! This one-hour tailor-made experience is offered exclusively with GR8Connect on a private one-to-one basis. From the comfort and safety of your own home; escape and enjoy a special moment with your hero interacting via live online streaming. From the world’s top athletes, chefs, musicians, actors and wellness specialists, GR8 has an experience for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Once these challenging times are over and better days return, GR8 will also give you the unique opportunity to meet them in person, as part of this Platinum experience.

Pricing for our GR8 Connect Platinum experiences varies from talent to talent. 

You can find our GR8 Connect Platinum experiences here 

We do accept all major credit cards. Please note that we apply a 3% service fee to each transaction. Alternatively you can pay by wire by contacting us here

GR8 connect is available all over the world 

Once GR8 receives the required minimum number of attendees, you will receive an email with the confirmed date and time of the live streaming.

All our classes are 100% non-refundable. If you have more questions, please contact us. We’re happy to help! You can do so here