A mindblowing immersion of health science and higher consciousness with 5D experiences and real live ingredients

Alex Ott - Alex Ott - PhD Nutrional Biochemist, Explorer, Author and much more...
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Alex Ott will delight and amaze you with his 5D experiences and private tutorials of disease preventative health science in food & beverage, olfactory neuroscience, and nutritional biochemistry featuring a complete e-moment where health science meets higher consciousness and 5D experiences with real ingredients. 

Improve your microbiome health, mental health, and boost your immune system with immortal herbs and tinctures. Alex will take you on a tour de force of inside your own body and will let you do the rest as you find out why every one of us is unique and chemically different from the other. 

Sample teas for cognitive and cerebral management and eliminate your anxiety with anxiolytic extracts. Boost your libido, fix your relationship, dream lucid, live viscerally, and accelerate the tumble into a wisdom-filled rabbit hole, that could possibly not be deep enough. 

Free from age or gender, race, or belief, health is essential to everyone’s life. Be free and create your own revolutionary immune-boosting recipes. It all starts with a package into your own home… 

The Experience:

After filling out the systems + olfactory questionnaire, your experience will be tailored to your biochemistry needs and will transform this sensorial health consult and immersion into an epiphany of priceless value and result. 

Alex’s methods of careful chemical spider- webbing of the participant’s biochemistry, microbiome, and olfactory past enables him to see a bigger picture than your average health professional and as your session brings multiple positives, your mind will be open to a new you and ultimately to those close to you. 

We invite you to study a selection of topics below. Each topic comprises one GR8 Connect Experience. 

Choice of 6 Topics for Your GR8 Connect Experience with Alex Ott:


Relationship herbs: the most powerful plants in your home to reset without the loss of progress 

The psyches and body chemistry of females and males are highly distinct. These differences are perceived as natural, fixed, and invariant across time and place, presumably due to the unique female versus male brain circuitry that is largely fixed by a sexually differentiated genetic blueprint. This blueprint is embedding a surprising context to nature bounty and ingredients wars have been fought over: plant essences and their stimulating effect of body, mind, and soul. 

Alex will take you on a journey inside his rare collection of ancient libido boosts, aphrodisiacs and will explain the fascinating facts and history of each ingredient as you experience them combined, distilled, solved, extracted, or coagulated. 

The answers to the alchemy of your relationship are waiting right here. 


This must-attend lab session will tackle the most diagnosed illness in 2020 and in our personal history. 

Did you know you can smoke chamomile tea? Substitute your Rx stash, forget everything you know about chemical imbalance and welcome a new you. Eliminate amplified fears, organ failure, and addiction before it’s too late. 

Elegantly separated into two 30 min tutorials, the first half will teach how micro-dosing sublingually with sacred herbs and adaptogenic plants will help the new generation eliminate PTSD, stress, panic attacks, and other nervous disorders. The second half shows you how to properly source, prepare, and dose anxiolytics and teach you about interactions with other substances. 




An essential session of pure euphoria and mental health wisdom

Over the past decade, the mental health benefits of this adaptogenic plant have attracted increasing attention for its successful applications in treating clinical anxiety and clinical depression. The pharmacological applications of Alex’s standardized extract of this plant and its active component make this herb easy to use and source. 

Alex will describe the amazing and acute effects of the South African wonder herb Sceletium tortuosum, a natural Dual 5-HT Reuptake, and PDE4 Inhibitor, in the Human Amygdala and its Connection to the Hypothalamus. 




Alex considers this session to be the most important of all sessions. This eye-opening health guide to global nutrition and disease prevention will enlighten you in ways never before seen. 

For every cell (37 trillion) in your body, there are 1.3 other tiny single-celled creatures (39 trillion) that also call your body home. Far from being germs, we should eradicate, these ancient friends allow us to digest food, breathe air, and fight off disease. They were here long before us and will undoubtedly remain long after we’re gone. They are our microbiome, and after eons of cohabitation, we are finally getting to know one another better. Of course, we aren’t always the best of neighbors. Autoimmune diseases, allergies, depression, and Alzheimer’s may be diseases of an unhappy microbiome. 

Learn to be the master of microbes with crucial food integrations for young and old. 




This experience is equivalent to being the sorcerer’s apprentice. It will simply blow your mind and reset your entire understanding of the products that surround us. 

Let Alex take you on a journey into your own body, mind & soul and explain the importance of integrative alchemy into our daily lives. Alex takes you back in time to vividly explain in his own words how the alchemist’s laboratory work and isolation of the basic principles of life became the tools for the wizard’s evolution within the countless dreamscape of consciousness. It is here, in alchemy, where physical science and spiritual science meet. 

Join Alex on his quest to eliminate food myths, food demonization, debunk food marketing, and offer you the key to truth and to creating your own supplements. This session concentrates on multiple topics ranging from cognitive foods and mind-enhancing substances to pineal gland openers and healthy sleep aids. 




Healthy sleep, intergalactic regenerative dreamscapes, & homemade sleep supplements to reboot your neurons 

Rest works wonders. Everybody knows that already, but can you adjust light levels? Do you have a 360-degree vision? Do you date supermodels? Can you fly? Can you vividly realize you are in a dream, and most importantly, can you wake yourself up from a dream in the queue? This and many more out -of -this –world will be covered when Alex sits down and presents his amazing collection of potent dream herbs and teas. Alex introduces 6 of the most potent dream substances and their histories on this planet. Learn how to control your dreams without compromising personal boundaries. 

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Biochemist, author & explorer Alex Ott was born to globetrotting parents that offered him the opportunity to lead the life of a nomad and to experience endless cultures, cuisines, as well as exposing young Alex to a vast array of adventures and cultures. From playing with lions in Kenya to fighting off nature’s elements in many rainforests collecting flower essences in tree canopies and analyzing them in his lab, Alex’s journeys gave him the opportunity to experience endless cultures and their priceless knowledge of ancient and healing substances unknown to most. 

After getting his degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, Alex began to cultivate his craft. He contributed his knowledge of flavor chemistry to launch the most revolutionary functional beverage menus for the famed BUDDHA BAR + Hotel in Paris where the late Raymond Visan used Alex’s talent to expand to a global phenomenon. For the next few years, Alex continued traveling the world to consult and invent for health science and biotech companies in the fields of biochemistry and olfactory neuroscience in food & beverage programs, revolutionizing a whole new field in plant disease based product developments. 

After surviving a harrowing plane crash in Thailand in 1998, that killed 101 passengers, Alex gained a renewed sense of life, which ignited his passions including astrobiology, nature preservation, and mood-based fragrance development. Ever since, he has developed more than 300 functional, homeopathic and sensorial beverage menus for world-class restaurants, award shows such as THE OSCARS, and global charities including charity: water and The Happy Hearts Fund. 

Acclaimed for the unique wisdom he received major profiles in over 100 different global publications, including the New York Times, TIME, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and features such as EVOLUTION OF DRINK published by THE ROYAL INSTITUTION in London for his pioneering contributions to the field of medicinal plant chemistry and neurobiology for nutritional approaches on scent and flavor applications in mental health and mood stimulation. Since then, Alex continued to consult for many scientists, worked with Nobel laureates, global flavor houses, as well as developed nutritional status assessments for commercial Space Food Systems in order to establish a sensorial nutrition panel for developing custom made + mood enhancing flavor spheres for astronauts on the International Space Station and future missions such as Artemis and Orion. His profound passion for helping others resulted in innovative global product developments including the first hangover prevention supplement, as well as the first of its kind chlorophyll beverage, for which he won the ‘Beverage Innovation Of The Year’ Award. 

Alex currently resides in New York City. His lab is available for private consults.

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